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Job Functions: Sales Representative
Job Description:
- Responsible for the collection of information, follow-up, business negotiation, the contract is signed and the project back section;
- Responsible for regional market information collection and analysis of competitors;
- Complete the bidding work independently.

- Marketing, thermal or thermal-related professional, college degree or above;
Iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials or related industries - 3 years working experience in sales of large-scale projects;
- Have a certain degree of market analysis and judgment, familiar with the bidding process;
- Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills;
- A sense of responsibility, able to withstand greater pressure to adapt to travel frequently.

other requirements:
Subject: Candidates - Position - Name - related experience.
As "candidates - marketers - Joe Smith - 2 years of work experience. This is easy to and quickly retrieved your resume, we will give priority to arrange an interview.

job functions: researchers
Job Description:
1, to assist the project leader to complete the design of the test device, debugging, improvement, and maintenance work;
Assist the project responsible person to complete the process research, including experimental design and pilot study, written lab report;
3, to complete other tasks related to the project.

Masters or higher degrees, undergraduate need to have more than 5 years work experience;
2, metallurgy, chemical engineering majors;
3 men first, Dr. priority.